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Green Your Home: Healthy, Money-Smart, and Sustainable Living Begins at Home

Learn how you can plant the seeds today for a more sustainable future tomorrow.

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Product Description

Save money and save the planet with this proven, practical guide to going green.


A healthy, money-smart and sustainable lifestyle begins at home. Green Your Home, the second book in the Keller Williams Realty Guide Series, is drawn from the collective experience of green-conscious home buyers and homeowners, sustainability experts across North America and thousands of top real estate professionals.


Start planting the seeds today for a more sustainable future tomorrow with Green Your Home, a proven, practical guide on how to:

• Lay the groundwork for your green adventure.

• Determine your green priorities.

• Recharge your air quality and interior living space.

• Increase your home’s power and performance.

• Create a sustainable, high-functioning yard.

• Do it yourself and maintain it!


KW Makes Green Simple to Understand

Mary Love | 11/16/2011

Home owners often think they can't be green because it is too hard or cost too much. This book simplifies the process of going green. It is an excellent guide. Every home should have this book!

Useful & Packs a Nice Green Punch

Ben Kaufman | 11/15/2011

I'm one of the intended audiences of this book ... I'm interested in houses and passionate about all things green. I read a lot of these books so I went in concerned the book might be too fluffy. Thankfully the...

Practical Guidepost for Home Efficiency Upgrades

Mark Fiebig | 11/14/2011

The information is clearly and cogently presented and in a very friendly manner, which is great since the notion of efficiency upgrades can be daunting. This easy to read book lays it out in a comfortable way. I'm...


There is an abundance of books about...

“There is an abundance of books about green houses. But few provide practical advice on how to make your home healthier, more efficient and more sustainable in the short and long term. Green Your Home is just that: a step-by-step guide that empowers consumers to make home improvement choices that suit their needs, priorities and budgets. Specific strategies and easy-to-implement action items make this an important resource for today’s homeowners as well as for future generations.”
Kristen Short, managing director of NAR’s Green Designation 

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