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Your First Home: The Proven Path to Home Ownership

Everything first-time home buyers need to know, from agents and buyers who’ve been there.



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Product Description

Get on the proven path to home ownership!
Your First Home is the first book in the Keller Williams Realty Guide Series. Packed with inspiring stories and the wisdom of thousands of successful first-time home buyers, it's a must-read for anyone aspiring to buy a home. Not only does it educate readers of the home ownership process in eight simple steps, it also enables agents to solidify their relationships with prospective first-time buyers. Your First Home is a relationship-building tool for growing leads and generating sustained buyer transactions.


Fabulous Resource Even If You Are Not a First Time Home Buyer!

Brian Rayl, Dallas, TX | 04/12/2011

As a licensed REALTOR® in the state of Texas, I was deeply involved in assisting first time home buyers into their new homes. This book was a resource that I came across and decided to read for myself. AWESOME! After...

1st Time Home Buyer

D. Frank, Pearland, TX | 03/23/2011

This is a book for 1st time home buyers and it is a great way to learn. Call your local Realtor to get the help you need and to help you through the process.

Great Resource for First Time Buyers

Matthew Fetick, Philadelphia | 08/12/2008

First Time Home Buyers need to take advantage of the current market. As Gary Keller notes in this book, there is never a wrong time to buy the right house. As a Realtor, I've given this book out as gifts to our first...


Let a team of real-life experts share their

“Let a team of real-life experts share their real estate wisdom along with heartwarming stories to show you how to achieve the dream of home ownership. I wish I had this information when I bought my first home. The good news for you? You can!"
- Bob Burg, Author of Endless Referrals and co-author of The Go-Giver

This class is amazing

"This class is amazing! A step-by-step guide book of what to do and what steps to take in pursuing the dream of first homeownership. The material is easy to follow and very in depth. The questions, that are elicited by the material and stories are priceless. In instructing this class, it was an amazing transformation to watch the Buyers and their “Buyer’s Agent’s” sponsors bond throughout the exercises and discussions in this class. The forum encouraged classroom participation. This is a class that we will continue to promote and offer to the public and other Realtors on a consistent basis."
- Maggie Crosby, Owner of Greenville, NC Market Center

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