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SHIFT: How Top Real Estate Agents Tackle Tough Times

When markets shift, so do smart agents.



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Product Description

Put your business into another gear—shift!


Change your thinking, your focus, your actions and ultimately, your results. SHIFT explains how to get back in the game and ahead of the competition, specifically in a changing market. The tactics that jump-start the real estate business in tough times will power it forward in good times.


This bestseller explores 12 proven strategies for achieving success in any real estate market including:

• Master the Market of the Moment: Short sales, foreclosures, and REOs.

• Create Urgency: Overcoming buyer reluctance.

• Re-margin your Business: Expense management.

• Find the Motivated: Effective lead generation.

• Expand the Options: Creative financing.


I Wish This Book Was Around 4 Years Ago

Sigurd "Sy" Greene | 07/08/2010

I appreciate the fact that it is with in the agents power to turn things around. However, in order to do that you have to stop and think hard what important steps you must take to succeed. I think anyone new in the...

Outstanding Guidebook for Real Estate Agents/Realtors!

Kent R. Dills | 03/23/2010

Any agent, new or experienced, independent or franchised, big broker or little broker, can benefit from this book!   Shift is truly a guidebook for real estate agents/Realtors old or new, IN ANY MARKET even though...

Real Estate Cycles and Shift in Strategies

Don Sausa, author of "Investing Without Losing" | 12/17/2008

Let's face it, we're in a crash and real estate prices in the United States across multiple markets are in a free fall. Gary Keller, in his newest book, SHIFT, accurately depicts this as a cycle.   But in human...


The information in SHIFT is...

"The information in SHIFT is so basic and so true! We have seen many large producers fall by the wayside in this market because they had not built their business on the fundamentals of lead generating, expense accountability, talented support staff, and a commitment to continual learning. We have discovered and corrected some of our own weaknesses using the concepts in this book."
- Steve and Debbie Tufts, Atlanta, Georgia
Sales Volume: $52 Million

I wish I'd had this book...

"I have been in real estate for a long time and have survived many ups and downs throughout my career—but I wish I’d had this book. It’s a great tool that I could have used a long time ago."
- Sylvie Bégin, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Sales Volume: $22 Million

This sets the tone for sustained success...

"This isn’t the first shift nor is it going to be the last, but it has been devastating in its effect on the unprepared. Finally, we have a guide to preparing for, adjusting to, and thriving through this shift and any others! This sets the tone for sustained success and profitability throughout your real estate career."
- Rick Geha, Fremont, California, Sales Volume: $34 Million

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